Nelson, New Zealand Doug Lawson

As a 6 year customer of Jason Derbyshire, I can unequivocally say that he ranks as one of the very best masseurs not only in Nelson, but anywhere else in my experience. I have had weekly bodywork for the last 20 years in many places in the world while traveling and at home in NZ and Canada. This would have involved 25 or 30 different masseurs.....and Jason is the best I've ever experienced!

Myofascial Release Therapy Instructor Medical Massage Therapist - New Zealand Beth Beauchamp

I met Jason over 5 years ago and was immediately impressed with his passion for helping clients heal on a holistic mindbody level. He is an experienced professional and his anatomical knowledge is very strong. He is effective at evaluating structural imbalances and then creating protocols to unwind the body to enhance more freedom of movement and overall balance. Jason has studied Structural Integration and taken all my courses in Myofascial Release Therapy courses. He is always eager to learn more to help clients heal. He is successful in working with many medical conditions including headaches, limited range of motion issues, general pain and frozen shoulder to name a few, and he has worked with athletes to help them maximise their performance through better body mechanics and function, Jason has been my personal therapist in Nelson for many years and I am a bit sad to see him move to Auckland. I have also confidently been referring clients for several years to him when I am out of town or have too full a schedule. He is an excellent therapist and a very kind hearted humble human being. I would highly recommend his services. Auckland, you now have a true gem of a therapist in your midst.

Psychologist - Nelson, New Zealand Bernadette C.

I have found Jason to be a thoroughly knowledgeable, intuitive and highly skilled practitioner who is able to blend treatment approaches where needed to produce outstanding results. Over the 7 years of regular bodywork I have received, my chronic pain has been alleviated and my wellbeing has hugely increased. Jason willingly provides advice on activities to do at home to further extend the benefits of his wonderful bodywork, which has greatly enhanced my ability. He consistently maintains the highest professional standards, with an underlying warm and caring manner. I have experienced a number of therapists and Jason shines as outstanding. I highly recommend him”.

Yoga and Qigong instructor, Nelson. Stephanie Challis

Jason has been my favourite masseuse since I first received bodywork from him in 2010.  He has a natural intuitive ability to 'read' the body afresh each time and to feel into the appropriate work to suit the situation.  With a thorough depth of training and experience over many years, Jason continues to broaden his professional offering with ongoing research.  I have always felt huge benefit from his work, whether it be focused on rebalancing the structural body, working on trigger points, or enhancing the body/mind's natural cleansing and healing functions.  Deep relaxation by the end of the session has always been guaranteed in my experience of Jason's work.  I highly recommend him to anyone.