Putting Up With Pain/Stiffness?

Structural Integration is a scientifically backed body therapy which helps to eliminate pain, correct poor posture and alleviate tightness in the body. Being in one position for extended periods of time such as sitting at your desk, sleeping on one side, and driving for long periods of time all result in the connective tissue shortening and tightening up - which is why you may feel stiff.

I open this connective tissue up to alleviate pain, free up restrictions in the tissue and improve posture.

If you suffer from poor posture, stiffness in the body, shortness of breath, back, neck or shoulder pain, low energy, muscular aches or arthritis, Structural Integration can help.

My Structural Integration Process

Step 1 - I look at the person's body in relation to gravity by laying my hand lightly on the top of the person's head sensing the greatest restriction within the connective tissue of the whole structure.

(Including organs vascular and nerve function impairment)

Step 2 - I use fascial muscle testing to inform me of the restrictions within the whole structure that may be a contributing factor to the issue.

Step 3 - We then begin the treatment using a range of various Myofascial/connective tissue techniques, organ manipulation, vascular and nerve release to help with the issue.

Benefits Of Structural Integration

✔️️ Reduced and Resolves muscular/ Fascial visceral/organ and nerve pain issues.
✔️️Greater Postural awareness and postural alignment.
✔️️Greater flexibility and resilience.
✔️️Look and feel younger and vital.
✔️️Enhanced energy.